Allegro Ophthalmics, LLC
Accelerated Innovation. Needed Intervention.
My Role

As the chief operating officer from the inception of the company, focused on developing, communicating and executing on the business strategy based upon the discovery of a novel molecule to treat millions of patients at risk of blindness. Key contributions geared toward positioning the company for continued growth and maximizing its strategic options included:

  • Creating the optimal corporate structure, including long-term planning by establishing a tax efficient international structure.
  • Leading the marketing and communication strategy used with potential strategic partners, institutional investors and acquirers, as well as investment bankers, Wall Street analysts and the medical and scientific communities.
  • Raising capital from alternative, minimally dilutive sources such as foundation grants and investments from private investors.
  • Pursuing and securing international licensing and investment agreements in Japan, Korea and China that capitalized the company with more than $30 million and a 30x increase in valuation in less than four years, as well as diluting the founders’ equity stake by less than 25%.
  • Overseeing all aspects of corporate finance and legal.
Company Details
  • Headquarters San Juan Capistrano, CA
  • Specialties Ophthalmology, Pharmaceuticals
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