Marc advises investors, CEOs and management teams to define and communicate business strategy and align people, products and processes to transform businesses into market leaders.

  • Strategic Planning
    Strategic Planning

    Establishing and clearly communicating strategic objectives based upon the company's assets and market opportunities, resulting in organizational alignment, long-term success and clarity to all stakeholders.

  • Corporate Development & Strategic Partnerships
    Corporate Development & Strategic Partnerships

    Identifying and pursuing opportunities to raise capital and strategically grow the business through M&A and establishing strategic partnerships.

  • Leadership Mentoring
    Leadership Mentoring

    Advising CEOs, presidents and management teams with an emphasis on accelerating the business by identifying and tackling tough challenges that will accelerate growth, create organizational alignment and increase industry leadership.

  • Investor Relations & Strategic Partnerships
    Investor Relations & Strategic Partnerships

    Working together to both establish and clearly, consistently and transparently communicate the company's vision, strategy and results to create confidence and support of key stakeholders.

  • Management & Organizational Alignment
    Management & Organizational Alignment

    Ensuring that the right team with the right skills and experience are in the right roles in the business to confidently execute on the business strategy with transparency and accountability across the entire organization.

  • Business Execution, Processes & Metrics
    Business Execution, Processes & Metrics

    Making sure that the people, products and processes are clearly and measurably aligned with the desired customer behavior, customer results and the goals of the business.